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A Rundown of Premium App & Website Features
Upgrading your Natural Atlas account to a yearly pro subscription unlocks a number of premium features both in the Natural Atlas app and website. Here is a rundown of how each feature can help you on your next outdoor adventure: Many great places outdoors have spotty or non-existent cell service,…
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Lists of Places You’ve Been and Want To Go To
You can easily keep track of all of the cool places, posts, or user recordings that you like by simply pressing the star button on the page that you like. On place pages, you can pick a reason why you are starring that place so you can keep your starred places organized - separate places you want to…
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How You Can Help Build the Most Complete Atlas of Nature
The ultimate goal of Natural Atlas is to build the most complete atlas of nature that pairs a comprehensive topo map with detailed pages about everything that is on the map. There are many ways you can help out. Every place shown on the map has page (called a place page) that is editable by anyone…
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Mapping your Journey through Nature
On your next outdoor adventure try recording your path and notes along the way with the Natural Atlas app. We aren’t believers that people should be constantly fidgeting with their phones when outside, which is why we designed trip recording to be as simple as possible. Virtually everyone takes…
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Making Field Notes with the Natural Atlas App
When out on an adventure there are often many places and moments worth saving for later. Scenic views, cool plants, fish you catch, bird sightings, etc are several examples of notes you can record with the Natural Atlas app. Notes recorded out in nature are automatically plotted on the map and can…
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