About Us

Natural Atlas is a platform for outdoor knowledge. We want to build great maps and tools for navigating and learning about the outdoor world.

Our Philosophy

Community Matters

A local who goes out hiking on their free time is going to know vastly more about the land than a single source ever could. It’s their experiences and their intricate details that are most accurate and interesting.

Small Details Count

Knowing where a tiny spring is, or a bush of wild raspberries, can sometimes make the greatest difference in a trip. You’ll see future updates to Natural Atlas that specifically cater to this.

Landscapes Change

Outdoor maps and information gets stale fast. Mother nature puts in and takes out log crossings every season. Fire pits come and go. From user-powered content to building our own map – we want to minimize friction for updated beta.

Rich Experience

We’ve spent hours scouring maps and guide books – and it’s always been painful going between the two. Natural Atlas is the fix: a great map combined with content on everything on the map that can be searched and easily browsed.

Who We Are

We grew up in Cody, Wyoming where we – like most locals – got into the habit of hiking without trails. We’d find a place to park and then meander off in a direction that seemed interesting. Other days we’d scour maps trying to find two track roads that ventured to the most obscure places. Natural Atlas is the service we’ve always wanted: a place that catalogs all the small details that make nature and outdoor travel what it is, open to everyone.

Co-founder, Developer
Cody, WY
Co-founder, Developer
Cody, WY

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