Compass Harbor Trail

Compass Harbor Trail is a trail in Bar Harbor, ME in Acadia National Park.

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Compass Harbor Trail

Compass Harbor was the location of Old Farm, the George B. Dorr estate.  He is often called the Father of Acadia National Park.  The Compass Harbor Nature Trail is located along route 3 in a small dirt parking lot which is unmarked.  Acadia National Park does not mark the site with any signs so the map of the site is important in locating Compass Harbor.  The Nature trail passes by two beaches and has a narrow point of land extending out toward the ocean known as Lookout Point.  A long  section of stone steps rise up from near the ocean, leading uphill through the woods and brings you to the remains of Old Farm.  

Common animal sightings here include deer, rabbit, woodpeckers, ducks, loons  and wild turkeys.  Thye smaller beach is popular with the locals and it is not unusual to walk along the nature path on a summer evening and hear a guitar or two or a fiddle being played along the shoreline.

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