Cassidy Trail

Steep Trail from Beautiful
Old-growth Forest Covered Domes
to Crystal Clear San Joaquin River

Cassidy Trail is a trail on San Joaquin River and Granite Creek in Sierra National Forest, Ansel Adams Wilderness, CA.

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The trail starts at a trailhead with several areas for car camping with amazing views of granite domes.  It descends down to Granite Creek and crosses over a stout bridge.  Granite creek was the only water until the San Joaquin River  in July 2018.  After the Granite crossing, the trail slowly contours upward until it passes behind a dome visible from the trailhead.  From here the trail drops down about 6 miles to the river.  Trail was mostly in good condition, but it is easy to loose it at times due to a few large trees that have fallen, also because of a small forest fire scar, and some erosion due to little maintenance.  Once down at the river, the trail crosses the San Joaquin River on another impressive trail bridge. Several great backpacking camping sites exist on both sides of the river near the bridge.   

Cassidy Trail
Cassidy Trail
Cassidy Trail
Cassidy Trail
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