West Tensleep
Lake Trailhead

Access to Cloud Peak Wilderness

West Tensleep Lake Trailhead is a trailhead on Middle Tensleep Creek and West Tensleep Lake in Bighorn National Forest, WY.

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The West Tensleep Trailhead is a popular place to begin a journey into the Cloud Peak Wilderness. The two main trails leaving the trailhead are the Misty Moon Trail (Trail #63) and the Lost Twin Lakes Trail (Trail #65). Registration is required at the trailhead, and there are waters, restrooms, and a picnic table nearby.

West Tensleep Lake Trailhead
West Tensleep Lake Trailhead
West Tensleep Lake Trailhead
West Tensleep Lake Trailhead
Trails Heading South

In the southern end of the parking lot, Trail #65 goes south to Bear Park and West Tensleep Falls.

West Tensleep Lake Trailhead
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