Heritage Grove Trailhead

Short Walk to Heritage Grove Redwoods

Heritage Grove Trailhead is a trailhead on Alpine Creek in Sam McDonald County Park, CA.

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Heritage Grove might be tiny – only a few dozen old-growth redwoods can be seen from the trail – but it’s nonetheless quite attractive. With a lush carpet of sorrel and ferns, trunks turned copper-colored by lichen, and a burbling stream, the grove has all the kinds of scenery found in the best redwood groves, just not very much of it. It’s also much more lush than the nearby redwood groves of Big Basin, Portola, or Henry Cowell Redwoods. It’s located on Alpine Road, a narrow, winding, and scenic road that runs from Palo Alto to the ocean, a favorite of motorcyclists. The road is always just a few yards away, but the grove can still be quite peaceful.

Heritage Grove Trailhead
Heritage Grove Trailhead
Redwood Grove
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