Cascade Head
Lower Trailhead

Uphill Trail from Knight
Park to Scenic Coastal Views

Also known as “Knight Park Trailhead”

Cascade Head Lower Trailhead is a trailhead on Crowley Creek and Salmon River in Cascade Head National Scenic And Research Area, Siuslaw National Forest, OR.

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Although slightly more strenuous than accessing Cascade Head from the top at the upper trailhead, the lower section of the Nature Conservancy Trail winds though some interesting forested sections and open year round. 

Cascade Head Lower Trailhead
Cascade Head Lower Trailhead
Cascade Head
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Panoramic Views of the Salmon River Meeting the Pacific
Atop the grassy summit of the Cascade Head is a great place to sit and take in the many sights of the Oregon Coast: the meandering Salmon River, the smooth sandy beaches, the rugged basalt headlands, and of course the ocean. It is accessible year-round via an easy-to-moderate 2 mile hike from the…
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