Firehole Swimming Area

Popular Yellowstone Swimming Spot

Firehole Swimming Area is a swimming area on Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park, WY.

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Firehole Swimming Area a unique and fun spot and is one of the only designated swimming areas in Yellowstone National Park. Although the Firehole River gets its name from all of the nearby thermal activity, the river is not all that warm, but it is not that much cooler than an unheated swimming pool.

The area contains an upper section where the river narrows and a strong current flows between two rocky canyon walls. Lifejackets are recommended. 

The lower section is better suited for beginners as the river is wider, shallower, and the current is minimal. 

To get here, take the one-way Firehole Canyon Drive and it will be marked towards the end of the drive. Wooden steps and a rocky path lead down to the water. Two restrooms that serve as changing rooms are located next to the road, but if possible it is best to change before reaching there because they can be unpleasant like other restrooms in YNP.

Cliff jumping, climbing, diving, glass containers, and pets are prohibited.

Firehole Swimming Area
Firehole Swimming Area
Firehole Swimming Area
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