Water River

The Falling Water River is a 46.8-mile-long (75.3 km) stream in the east-central portion of Middle Tennessee in the United States. It rises just west of Monterey at the edge of the Cumberland Plateau, and traverses the Eastern Highland Rim before dropping off to the Nashville Basin and emptying into Center Hill Lake along the Caney Fork. The river is noted for the 136-foot (41 m) Burgess Falls, which it spills over near the end of its course.
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An Afternoon Along the Falling Water River
Sedimentary rock yields over time. Water laid it down and water cuts it away. On the Eastern Highland Rim, the Falling Water River has wrought marvels with its erosive force. Limestone layers that formed long ago are exposed on the margins of the river’s grand drops as it makes its way towards the…
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The Greatest Fall on the Falling Water River
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