Mount Rearguard is a mountain in Custer National Forest, Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, MT.

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This is a great mountain for a fun, low impact, day-long ascent.  My first official summit I made mid august 2014  from Moon Lake.   From the northeast corner of Moon Lake, about 45 minutes of light Class 1-2 climbing gets you to a lesser pitched slope of fun, fast boulder hopping to the summit.  The summit is a pretty big area, with lots of stuff to explore.  If weather permits, you’ll want to hang around on top and give it all a good look.  There are two large rock towers, a row of other lower towers, a really great steep cliff on the south face of the peak above Sliderock Lake, and long views in every direction which affords you a chance to look at opportunities on surrounding peaks.  It’s also a pretty easy snow climb.  I’ve not been all the way to the top in the snow however. Take your time, there’s a lot to do and not too much effort is involved with enjoying this peak.

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