Fishing Cone

Cone-Shaped Hot Spring on the Lakeshore

Fishing Cone is hot spring in West Thumb Geyser Basin and Lower Group on Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park, WY.

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Fishing Cone is a hot spring on the edge of West Thumb Geyser Basin that is partially submerged in Yellowstone Lake. It got its name in the late 1800’s from reports of fisherman boiling their fish in the spring. 

A gentleman was fishing from one of the narrow isthmuses or shelves of rock, which divided one of these hot springs from the [Yellowstone] lake, when, in swinging a trout ashore, it accidentally got off the hook and fell into the spring. For a moment it darted about with wonderful rapidity, as if seeking an outlet. Then it came to the top, dead, and literally boiled

Overland Monthly, June 1871, p. 492
Fishing Cone
Fishing Cone
Fishing Cone
Fishing Cone

This hot spring – along with others in the West Thumb area – can be seen up close via kayaking. Kayaks can be put in the lake from the parking area to the southwest of Bluff Point. From there, the kayaker can follow the travertine-lined lakeshore south to Fishing Cone.

A kayak permit is required, and can be acquired at the South Entrance, Bridge Bay Ranger Station, or the Grant Village Backcountry Office. 

Fishing Cone
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