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Beside’s the nearby Devils Canyon Overlook, the overlook on Sullivan’s Knob Trail is one of the most scenic points to view Bighorn Canyon. This easy, 1 mile loop skirts around the southern side of Sullivan’s Knob to a very humbling cliff edge. The out-and-back journey takes only 30 minutes or so. 

The Hike

The trail begins at the  Sullivan’s Knob Trailhead which is hidden from the main highway by a small hill. The trail intersects the historic Native American Bad Pass Trail not far from the parking lot according to the hiking guide produced by the Western National Parks Association (source). 

The trail passes by many shrubs and to a precipitous point with great views in all directions. The return loop goes north briefly before returning to the main trail (marked with posts).

Be sure to watch out for rattlesnakes along the trail. Besides rattlesnakes, there are often bighorn sheep in the area.

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