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Highland Glen is a beautiful grassy nature preserve in Bozeman stewarded by the Gallatin Valley Land Trust. It’s open to hikers and mountain bikers. There are many neighborhood access points, but the main Highland Glen Trailhead is on Kagy Boulevard between MSU and I-90. Parking and access is also available at the softball complex on Highland Boulevard to the north of the preserve. Of all the hikes around Bozeman, walking Highland Glen at evening golden hour is perhaps the most serene.

The trails are dog-friendly, although it should be noted that cows call the preserve home (particularly in the gully and around the scattered salt licks), so please leash Fido.


Fields of grasses are most prominent and spectacular in the Highland Glen Preserve. In the gully that runs north/south are willows, chokecherries, service berries, woods rose, and other species of shrubby plants.

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