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At one time many years ago Great Hill had several popular hiking trails on it, including the Bracken Trail, the Fern Trail, Trail to Duck Brook Bridge, and Summit trail.  After the great fire of 1947 the Park Service abandoned all trails in this area of the park, including all trails on Great Hill.

The map I made will help you locate the unmarked but well worn Great Hill Summit trail.  To reach the pull over across from the trail, from Bar Harbor drive along mount desert Street and continue straight through the lights and up the Eagle lake road or route 233.  You will pass the Kebo Golf Course on the left, and further up the road you will approach a large arched stone bridge - turn right into Acadia national Park just before the bridge.  At the Park Loop road ahead, turn right again and just around the corner is a pull over where you can park.

Directly across the roadway is a knoll with granite ledge, the path begins to the right of the  knoll by the tree’s.  It makes its way up to the top of the knoll and heads upward away from the road.  The trail is unmarked and crosses sections of flat open granite with worn sections of dirt trail in between, making an almost straight line up to the summit.

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