Mason-Lovell South Cabin

Also known as “Orchard Cabin”

Mason-Lovell South Cabin is a cabin ruin on Willow Creek in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, WY.

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Cabin Ruins are sensitive in nature and deserve the utmost respect. Please help preserve the area for future generations.

We only show locations of cabin ruins that are common knowledge or managed for public use. If this cabin ruin doesn’t meet this criteria please contact us.
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Mason-Lovell South Cabin
Mason-Lovell South Cabin
Mason-Lovell South Cabin

Surrounded by apple trees, the South Cabin was also called the Orchard Cabin. Two apple tree stumps remain to remind visitors of the need to be self-sufficient in this secluded place.

Stepping inside the cabin, visitors will see the hewn, greenish-colored, whitewashed walls, all that remains from a time when the single-room cabin was home for married couples employed by Mr. Lovell.

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