Burgess Falls

The Greatest Fall on
the Falling Water River

Burgess Falls is a waterfall on Falling Water River in Burgess Falls State Natural Area, TN.

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Rolling over a limestone shelf in the heart of Tennessee’s Eastern Highland Rim, Burgess Falls is a grand drop in a river that lives up to its name. The Falling Water River loses 250 feet of elevation in less than a mile, descending over a series of smaller falls in quick succession before arriving at the brink of Burgess Falls. Gorgeous views of the falls are easily reached along a trail that follows the river’s southern bank, culminating with a vista from above and access to the brink and the base.

Burgess Falls
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An Afternoon Along the Falling Water River
Sedimentary rock yields over time. Water laid it down and water cuts it away. On the Eastern Highland Rim, the Falling Water River has wrought marvels with its erosive force. Limestone layers that formed long ago are exposed on the margins of the river’s grand drops as it makes its way towards the…
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