Lake Marie Trailhead

Access to Medicine Bow Peak and Bike Path

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Lat 41.331568°NLon 106.325714°W

Lake Marie Trailhead is the starting point to a variety of trails in the Snowy Range and is located on the scenic southern edge of Lake Marie along Wyoming Highway 130. 

Medicine Bow Trail 295: Beginning at the parking lot, trail 295 travels uphill towards the summit of Medicine Bow Peak

Bike Path: A paved path leads from parking area up to Mirror Lake Picnic Site following the eastern side of Lake Marie.

Tipple Trail: Directly across the highway there is a connector trail that meets up with the Tipple Trail after 400 feet. For more parking, see Tipple Trailhead.

Streamside Loop: Also across from the highway, there is short loop that follows the Lake Marie outlet stream downstream passing by several ponds.
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