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Since launching Natural Atlas nationwide, our team’s been hard at work continuing to improve the experience and add new features. It’s about time we gave you a full update on the latest and greatest! Highlights:

New iOS Release: adds all the new features below and improves usability. Download the latest here.

Place Overlays: selected features are highlighted.

Trail Associations: trails are connected to other features.

Elevation Profiles: see elevations along your trip.

Pause Trip Recordings: pause and resume trips anytime.

External Links: easily insert external links on Place Pages.

New iOS Release

We just launched an updated iOS app version (v1.3.0) that incorporates all of the new Natural Atlas features described here and improves the overall experience. You can read a full list of updates and download the latest version here

Android User? We’re working on an Android version for late Fall release. 

Place Overlays

Spotting your selected feature on the map is now much easier with highlighted place overlays. Click a named trail, river, lake, park, or other features to see its highlight or boundary. 

Trail Associations

Trails typically guide you to or near a specific feature and connect to one another. We’ve brought this reality to life on our platform by leveraging its spatial foundation, connecting trails to one another and linking features to relevant trails. 

For an example, start by opening the Devils Postpile Trailhead. Scroll to Trails From Trailhead and click the Devils Postpile Boundary Trail. Once on that trail’s page, scroll to see Connects To for its connecting trails. 

These associations also power new search capabilities, like "campsites on the pct"

Other Associations

While trail associations are automatic, remember that anyone can edit Natural Atlas Place Pages. If you know of another relevant association type – an overlook for a specific place, for example – you can reference other features from a page too! An example:  Sun Point Overlook in Mesa Verde. 

Elevation Profiles

You can now view trip elevation profiles under the app’s Stats section or on its page after completion. In the app, tap the graph for more context about time and speed as well. Trips with multiple activity types are colored to match the various traces on the map. 

Pause Trip Recordings

Need to stop recording for any reason, but want to resume the same trip later? We’ve now got you covered! Click the pause button on the trip recording screen and resume anytime. Gaps may show between traces, but it will be saved as a single trip.  

Changing Activity Type

This isn’t a new feature, but did you know you can also simply change activity type in the middle of a recording? This can be an alternative to pausing. Tap the circular, animated button showing your current activity type to choose a new one. 

External Links

While anyone can edit Natural Atlas Place Pages and utilize Heading or Text as they see fit, we’ve also added the External Links section to make linking to additional content easy. 

Any link can be pasted here, but note that anything not on the supported domain list below will be counted as its only Official Website. These domains are parsed automatically: 

Wikipedia, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and National Register of Historic Places

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