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Dumplingtown Hill is accessible from 3 directions. It can be accessed from the Rockingham Recreation Trail, Portsmouth Branch by a very steep rocky undefined trail opposite a large marsh to the south of the Rockingham Recreation Trail. Dumplingtown Hill is immediately north of the Rockingham Recreation Trail. Dumplingtown Hill can also be accessed by the Town of Raymond owned Dearborn Forest Town Conservation Property (trail maps are available on the town of Raymond website on the Conservation Commission page). Half of Dumplingtown Hill is privately owned, the other half is Town of Raymond owned. There is no view from the summit proper, but there is a very beautiful view a little south of the summit, overlooking a very beautiful marsh with a winding stream through the middle. The shortest Route to the summit is from the end of Donald Street off Langford Road over private property. The south slope of the Hill has a boulder field, some ledge, and climbing opportunities. Beware of Timber Rattlesnakes. This is their preferred habitat. A timber Rattlesnake was found in 2012 in a house on Donald Street, a few hundred yards from Dumplingtown Hill.

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