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Maps are at the core of every stage of outdoor adventure: from planning, to navigating, to telling the story afterwards. Tap into this by partnering with Natural Atlas to bring the best online maps of the outdoors to your audience. Be the authority on where to go.
How Our Maps Can Help Your Organization
Help Your Audience Learn About Your Area & Bring Traffic to Your Website

Whether a tourist or a local, figuring out where to go is something that has to be resolved before starting any outdoor adventure. Use maps to bring people to your site whenever they are trying to to answer this quintessential question. The Natural Atlas topo can showcase the vast number of nearby recreational opportunities (hiking trails, boat ramps, fishing accesses, etc) to your audience better than anything else can. If the audience has a good experience using the map on your website they are more likely to come back and spend more time there. Have a standalone map page on your site, or supplement your blog posts, guides, or other content.

Tell Stories and Sell Adventures

If you want to make your audience want to get out on a particular hike, raft trip, or trail ride, use the Natural Atlas Map Widget to show the trip and showcase all of the highlights along the way. Showing a specific trip on a map is visual, shareable, and provides useful context to your audience.

Build Positive Image

Provide your users with the best user experience for exploring their region.

Widget Demos

The drop-in Natural Atlas widget (shown above) makes it really simple to put the Natural Atlas map on your website. Click a few of the examples listed here to see a bit of what's capable with it.

Sample Areas


There’s no limit to places you can uncover using our natural-language-style search. From nearby peaks to campsites along a river, the possibilities are great.


Cycle through places to support an article on your site.

More Tools for Your Organization
API Access
Craft your own experiences with the Natural Atlas HTTP API – the same API powering our website, iOS app, and map widget.
Advanced Place Search
Search our database using powerful queries, like “boat ramps on yellowstone river”, “redwoods in california”, "hikes near cody, wy", etc.
On-Demand PDF Maps
Get high-quality PDF maps of any area instantly. Complete with grid and magnetic north indication.
Show Area Activity
Showcase the latest trips, wildlife sightings, and more happening in your local community.
Content Platform
Tap into our community-driven content about places on the map. Encourage users to share descriptions & photos using our intuitive editor.
Brand White-Labeling
Strengthen your brand by providing a white-labeled experience.
Hand-Crafted Maps
Do you want a custom map of your area? Using our existing data and platform we can produce custom maps at a reasonable price.
Trail Map Signage
Are you a land manager looking for a map for a new or existing trail network? Talk to us about custom solutions.
Regional Sponsorship
Advertise your organization as a Regional Sponsor of Natural Atlas. Show your logo to users in your area online and in the iOS app.
Map Editor Access
Partner with us and improve the map on your own schedule.
GIS Data Licensing
Interested in the raw data behind the Natural Atlas map? Contact us and let’s chat.
Custom Solutions
Have an idea that you think might be possible? Contact us and let’s chat.

Let’s Get Started

Large or small – there are options for any organization. Email us with your interests and we’ll figure out a solution for your budget.

More About What We Do

Natural Atlas is an amalgamation of official data from scores of land managers across the United States. That’s not where it ends – that’s where the work begins. Official information is often riddled with flaws and shortcomings. We unite it all into a common format, fix the inaccuracies, put the work into connecting it all, and add missing features. We use multiple methods to verify and ensure accuracy. Much of our data is produced in-house, as official data is non-existent in many areas. We’ve built out a complete custom toolset to enable us to rapidly expand and maintain the map.

Whether you’re on BLM land, in a National Forest, or in a local open space preserve – we want a map that is reliable and consistent across the nation.

We care about the finest details – from showing the explosion craters at the bottom of Yellowstone Lake to moorage buoys in the San Juan Islands. Our goal is to build the premier browseable online topo map of the outdoors.